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Vario Nib Wet Noodle

Vario Nib Wet Noodle

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This nib is a softer version of the Vario. It uses the same titanium nib housing and overfeed, but is modified to produce maximum ink flow and line variation with much less pressure than is required by the Vario. It is not a fragile nib, but needs to be used with more care than the Vario - so probably not suitable for first-time fountain pen users who may unintentionally mash the nib too hard. This nib uses ink quickly, and even when used in an eye-stoppered pen will require replenishment often.

This nib is for Jowo #6 compatible pens. A Bock version is available with a plastic housing.

Please note that these custom nibs have a lead time for production. These nibs will ship within one week of purchase. Please see Purchasing Information and contact me with questions or if needed by a specific date.

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Monty Winnfield

Finely handcrafted fountain pens and nibs. Made in Colorado, USA.

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