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Vario Nib with Titanium JoWo Compatible Housing

Vario Nib with Titanium JoWo Compatible Housing

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This is a versatile nib for use as a regular everyday writer, but with the ability to produce various line widths, depending upon pressure applied. It uses an overfeed to supply ink while the nib is flexed away from the feed. It requires more pressure than a “flex nib”, but this is necessary to ensure long term consistent performance and proper alignment of the tines after use. It is fully serviceable and simple to clean and reassemble. 

The custom titanium housing is threaded and sized to fit in any pen built for a Jowo #6 nib, and is optimized for very high flow.

Please note that these custom nibs have a lead time for assembly. These nibs will ship within one week of purchase. Please see Purchasing Information and contact me with questions or if needed by a specific date.

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